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Software  Design Services


Embedded software design:
We offer first-class expert services in selected fields of software technology, including embedded software engineering and wireless communications. Our know-how is based on scientific research, vision and long-standing practical experience.

We provide software services  for the integration of your hardware application . This includes developing board support packages and device drivers, porting third party software and protocols to provide complete integration with your hardware.



This can include:-



  - Drafting  user requirements and specifications
   - Developing and integrating the software
   - Producing test software
   - Producing manuals and documentation


Software areas of expertise:

Software developed in “C” or “Assembler” for a wide range of Micro-controllers such as:-
  - ARM, PIC, AVR, Motorola, Rabbit 3000

Other Software areas of expertise include:-
  - Boot loaders
  - Device Drivers
  - Test Software
  - Data Capture Software
  - Vehicle Tracking Software
  - GSM/GPRS Software
  - GPS navigation Software
  - ZigBee Radio



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