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Consultancy Services


Consultancy services:
We work with you, taking responsibility for a defined element of your product development or we can manage and develop the complete product though it’s development and production cycle.



We work very closely with several assembly houses in order to meet your expectations in quality, functionality and costs, this means that we can take care of your prototypes and even production runs.



This can include:-



  - Drafting  product & software specifications
   - Electronic design and simulation
   - PCB layout and prototype manufacturing
   - Embedded software development
   - Production management including component sourcing
   - EMC testing for CE compliance and regulatory requirements


Consultancy areas of expertise:

We can provide Consultancy in areas  related to electronic design, manufacturing, production and testing, we also have considerable experience in mould design an product packaging.

Other Software areas of expertise include:-
  - General problem solving
  - Documentation & Procedures Review
  - Manufacturing
  - Product Design and Integration
  - Diagnostic Equipment
  - Electronic Design
  - Software

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